/mode +v noise

/mode +v noise is focussed on building, and playing with, simple networked collaborative music tools. The current version aims at the integration of participatory musical composition and improvisation within Internet Chats.


We are investigating the direct use of sentences, words and characters as musical phrases. To achieve this, we are helped by tiny agents, called bots, who process what we type during our chats. There is no aim to steer the project in a certain direction, /mode +v noise can manifest itself under different forms such as workshops, staged performances, net art or installations.

I just came to say hi...

The project is open to anyone to contribute and to participate, we regularly meet on IRC with our bots and have epic ASCII fuelled online gigs ;)

do not touch

You can join us on irc://irc.goto10.org/#mode+v

The development of /mode +v noise has been possible with the support from servus.at (Linz, AT) , Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam, NL), micro_research (Berlin, DE) and Arnolfini (Bristol, UK).